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Questions To Ask When Hiring A San Diego SEO Expert

Posted by Sprint on
Hiring a San Diego SEO expert is something that many people consider because they feel they do not have the time or knowledge to complete their optimization correctly. However, before you an SEO Consultant in San Diego, CA you will need to know some questions that you should ask. These questions will help you determine if the expert is truly an expert and if they are going to be able to correctly help your business through SEO.

What Are The Most Important Factors In SEO?

One of the first questions that you need to ask the San Diego SEO Specialist is what the most important factors of SEO are. This is something that all experts in SEO should be able to explain to you and you need to ensure that they are not going to be using technical jargon to confuse you. A good SEO service or expert will be able to explain the factors in layman’s terms to you.
The answer that you are going to be looking for will need to include relevance and authority in them. These are the primary factors that will affect your ranking. The expert needs to understand what every part of SEO has to be relevant to the customer and you need to look at being an authority in your niche. SEO San Diego is the Authoritative Company in San Diego when it Comes to Search Engine Optimization and it aims to make their clients the Authority in their fields.

How Will You Help Me Get Better Results?

Another important question that you need to ask is how the expert is going to be looking at improving your results. While very few experts are going to give you a step by step guide to what they are going to do, they will be willing to give you an overview. The overview should include the different parts of optimization that they are going to look at and a little information about what they are going to be doing in each of these parts.
The best answers will cover all three parts of SEO which are technical, content and off-page factors. The technical factors will include your website structure and the loading speeds of your site. All of this will impact the user experience on the website and this is something that the search engines are going to look at when ranking. The content will relate to the textual and visual content that will be on your site and how this can be optimized for your niche. The off-page factors will relate to the link profile of the website and if they are going to provide you with any other forms of marketing such as social media marketing.

Do They Have Success Stories Or References?

Any reputable SEO expert will be happy to provide you with ranking success stories and references that you can contact. If the expert is unable to provide this then they either do not have any success stories or they are not reputable and know that past clients will not recommend them. When you ask this question it is important that you are not asking for a client list because no SEO service will provide you with this.

What Online Tools Do You Use?

All SEO Agencies will have a range of online tools that they use to complete their work. This will help them complete keyword research monitor ranking and check the link profile of the website.  It is important that the expert you choose utilizes a range of different tools to ensure that they are getting the best information.
A good answer to this question would be a quick listing of some of the tools that the expert is going to use. Some of these tools will include Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If the expert tries to evade the question or gives very vague answers then they might not be using reputable tools and you should reconsider using them.

What Is Your Approach To On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is very important for your strategy and you need to know what the expert’s approach will be. There is no point in the expert spending most of their time on link building when the content of your site will let you down. Some of the aspects of on-page SEO that the expert should look at will include the content, the optimization of images and the internal link structures.
A good SEO expert will answer this question by offering an approach which looks at all aspects of on-page SEO. Some of the aspects mentioned should be the content, the headers, the page URL and the internal link structure. If the expert only talks about having your keywords in the content then they could be looking at black hat SEO techniques. These techniques will get penalized by the search engines and it will make it harder for you to rank in the future.

How Do You Approach Link Building?

External link building is something that needs to be done correctly otherwise; the search engines will penalize your website. You will also be looking for good quality inks instead of a high quantity of links. The tactics that the SEO Consultant uses should reflect this and look at gaining links in the most organic way possible.
The answer you will be looking for will focus on earning links through engaging content and providing quality information.
They should also look at building relationships with influencers in your niche who will be happy to promote good content from your website. You will want to avoid experts who are going to be looking at the quantity of the links only. Additionally, if the expert talks about secret techniques for getting links they could be looking at buying links and this is a black hat technique that will hurt your business in the long run.
There are a number of questions that you have to ask a San Diego SEO expert before you hire them. You need to be able to get an idea of the techniques they will be using and ensure that they are all white hat techniques. Getting success stories and references will also help you find out if this is the right expert for you.